Peak Arts Fund

At Peak Arts Fund, we’re joining together to support 15 arts organizations that bring a wide variety of music, theater, film, art exhibits, opera, dance, festivals, and arts education opportunities all year long to Colorado Springs and throughout El Paso County. The arts belong to all of us! Join us in our inaugural 2012 campaign to create community through the arts.

Why Give

The arts belong to all of us. When people just like you contribute to Peak Arts Fund, we all benefit from a community with a variety of arts experiences for young and old alike, a place where we all enjoy a thriving economy and better quality of life.

Your donation to Peak Arts Fund is a direct investment to the sustainability of our nonprofit arts sector and the economic vitality of our region. The nonprofit arts sector in the Pikes Peak region provides more than 2,000 full-time-equivalent jobs and has an overall annual economic impact of $94.7 million. And the arts are much more …

  • The arts connect us to our neighbors and new friends.
  • The arts are part of a thriving economy by helping to attract and grow business.
  • The arts make the Pikes Peak region a great place to raise a family.
  • The arts are a magnet to attract and retain young professionals and a skilled, innovative workforce.
  • The arts unite us by building community identity, inclusion and pride.
  • The arts are an essential cornerstone of our children’s education by teaching teamwork, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
  •  The arts attract visitors and drive tourism in our economy.
  • The arts build a strong downtown and thriving neighborhoods.